Protecting Trade Secrets: It's Elemental

Your innovation is at the core of your business. You have dedicated time, money and other resources to developing your most valuable assets. Protection of your trade secrets is critical and fundamental to your success. At McDaniel and Associates, not only are we experts in protecting trade secrets, but at the core of our business are scientists who have long been involved in the specialty chemicals industry. We understand the challenges specific to the specialty chemicals industry and can assist you in safeguarding and defending the security of your intellectual property assets.

Innovation Protection
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In the specialty chemicals industry, innovation protection is key to success....

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Trade Secret Audit
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Where would your business be if someone walked off with the secret formula to your products?

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Building Goodwill
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We will help you strategize the most effective ways of branding your Intellectual Property.

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Chemical Industry Experts
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Our core team are scientists with expertise in biochemistry, polymer and materials science.

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Trade Secret Litigation
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Protection of trade secret assets is particularly important in the specialty chemical industry.

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